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Since our establishment, our mission has been to provide a supportive work environment where adults with disabilities can learn new skills, develop their confidence, and build a strong sense of community We depend on our customers' support to keep South Fork Bakery operational and to continue offering our services. 

We greatly appreciate the support we have received thus far from our community, but we need your support to keep sustaining our mission. We invite you to join us in our mission by making a donation today. Thank you for your support. 

It's a fact...

80% of adults with disabilities are unemployed. Many of these members of our community with issues such as autism spectrum, Down syndrome, learning and emotional disabilities are
able and willing to contribute significantly to their communities but lack the skills and support.

That's where we step in...

SFB is a not-for -profit organization that provides meaningful, paid employment and training to adults with disabilities. Not only does SFB provide opportunities to neurodiverse adults in our Amagansett kitchen, but through Launch, our Training and Employment Program, we create and sustain opportunities with emplover  partners outside the bakery to successfully navigate and maintain meaningful employment.

Did you know...

SFB earns less than half of it's annual budget through the sale of its cookies, pies,
and brownies, making your tax- deductible gift vitally important to our ability to educate, employ, and empower.

What you can do to help...

  • a tax deductible gift of $15,000 underwrites the fee of a professional job coach for 4 months in Launch, our Training and Employment Program.

  • a donation of $7,500 provides meaningful employment to one SFB team member with disabilities for six months in our Amagansett Bakery.

  • a gift of $1,000 pays the rent for two weeks at our Amagansett Bakery facility.

  • a gift of any amount shows your commitment to our community and its most vulnerable citizens.

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