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...a training & employment program for adults with disabilities  

South Fork Bakery’s Launch program is a training and paid employment program that combines hands-on and classroom learning to assist special needs adults in developing employability skills. Qualified employees are assisted in securing employment in the community with ongoing support to sustain employment success. The program utilizes a person-centered approach that encourages independence, fulfillment and job retention for all employees.

The industry-specific skills our employees learn are applicable to a wide variety of fields and jobs.

These highly transferable skills include closely following verbal and visual directions, precision and accuracy, efficiency, communication, and problem-solving. On-the-job bakery training starts with familiarizing new hires with policies, safety procedures, cleaning requirements, and dress code.


What makes us unique...

Through Launch, not only do our employees end up in a paid job, their training happens with paid employment.

South Fork Bakery pays for their continued education.


 We believe that everyone deserves equal opportunities to work. We are dedicated to providing job training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities, who are often overlooked by employers despite being willing and capable to learn and work hard. Launch serves as a program where individuals can gain valuable skills, work experience, and confidence. It is our mission to make our community more inclusive and help our employees reach their full potential.

At South Fork Bakery, we rely on the generosity of our supporters to continue our mission of providing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. We thank you for your support.

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